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“Heritage Farm” Special

(Valid until Dec. 22, 2021)
The Lee Family was awarded a Heritage Farm certificate this year at the Iowa State Fair. This means our farm has been owned by our family for 150 years. To celebrate this honor – and to encourage you to stock up on candles – we have a holiday gift for you. FOR ANY ORDERS OF 12 CANDLES OR MORE (refills or kits), we will include a FREE KETTLE KANDLE (white kettle + lid + vanilla candle poured in it). This kettle/scent combination is our best-seller, and it is a $20 value (sorry, no substitutions). Thanks for your business over the years!


For orders of 9 or more candles, we will include a FREE candle. Valid for kettle refills and Candles My Way kits. See below for more details.

Regular Prices:

Kettle refills and Candles My Way kits are both $10 apiece. Shipping cost is $10 for any order. The minimum order is 6 candles (because we pay a large portion of the shipping cost).

Our candles can be stored for years. Stock up and take advantage of our flat-rate shipping of only $10. (Examples: 6 candles = $70 total; 8 candles = $90; 10 = $110; 15 = $160, 20 = $210).

Candle Scents Available:

  • Autumn Spice
  • Caffe Brulee
  • Country Cobbler
  • Jack Frost (kits only)
  • Soft Linen
  • Udderly Vanilla (kits only)
  • Walk in the Woods
  • Blueberry Bake (kits only)
  • Cucumber Melon (kits only)
  • Just Peachy (kits only)
  • Woodland Berries (kits only)

We are also experimenting with two new scents: Lavender and Eucalyptus Spearmint. These scents are two of the most popular essential oils, and the scent is mild. Both are uncolored, and both are available in KITS ONLY.

Our kits are easy and fun -- check out this video for a demonstration.


The shopping cart system we used on our website for many years was discontinued recently. You can now email orders directly to Simply tell us what scents and quantities you would like, and we will respond to confirm your order. You can also text or call Scott Lee directly at 712-539-8012. If you have ordered in the last few years, we likely have your payment info on file already.

Wax Challenges:

This past year, several customers have experienced problems installing the candle refills in their kettles. This new “crop” of soy wax is sensitive to humidity and some of the candles have expanded slightly. A few candles have also burned unevenly. Please remember that soy wax is a natural, plant-derived material so it is a little different each year (we had some of these same problems in 2012). We apologize for any problems you may have! There will be a flyer in your box with some suggestions if your refill is hard to squeeze into your kettle.

Because of this issue, we plan to eventually change to kits only (instead of refills) for many of the scents in 2022. The kits are very simple – just melt the scented & colored wax in your microwave (container is provided), pour it into your kettle and drop in the wicks. You can also make candles in other containers you already have. Check out this video, to see a simple demonstration.

To compensate you for any extra effort needed to install your kettle refills – and reward you for placing a large order – our WINTER SPECIAL is a FREE candle with any order of 9 or more candles.

Hand-Poured Soy Candles

See and smell the difference when you light our hand-poured soy candles. Our candles are made from high-quality soy wax. They are available in enamelware kettles, called Kettle Kandles. Or try our easy-to-use Candles My Way kits to make attractive soy candles at home in your own container.

Kettle Kandles

Kettle Kandles

Kettle Kandles make great gifts because the enamelware kettle can be refilled with any of our candle refills, or can be used for other purposes. The kettles wash out with soap and water after you burn the candle. They are also dishwasher and oven safe.

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It is inexpensive and easy to enjoy your Kettle Kandles and Crocks for many years because we offer refills in many scents. The candles burn 50 to 60 hours, depending on room conditions.

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Candles My Way

Candles My Way

Make attractive soy candles at home in your favorite container. It’s easy! Our candle-making kits were featured on QVC’s Decade of Discoveries Tour as one of the top 100 new products in America.

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