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Why Soy is Better
Soy wax has numerous advantages over traditional paraffin wax. Soy wax burns with NO SOOT, maintains scent well, burns cooler and is environmentally friendly.



It is possible for any candle to actually ignite. A fire can occur if too much heat is created in the container and the “flash point” temperature of one of the ingredients is reached. For this reason, always follow the instructions below:

Stop burning the candle when ¼ – ½ inch remains. This is very important because it is possible for a small quantity of wax to heat up too much! Remove the wick stubs, and then the remainder of the wax will easily wash out of your container with soap and water – and you can pour it down a sink drain (soy wax is biodegradable).

Trim the wicks and keep other flammable debris out of the candle.
Do not prop the lid on top of your kettle or crock while the candle is burning (we advised this practice several years ago when we were using only 3 wicks).
Do not allow any candle to burn unattended. Make sure your container is on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Do not burn the candle if there is anything flammable within 36” above it (such as a cupboard).

For best results, burn your candle 2-3 hours at a time.

We use 100% natural wicks. Occasionally, wicks are defective and do not burn well. Please contact us for advice if you encounter problems with a wick.

Warm conditions and humidity can cause wax to expand slightly. If you have problems removing or installing refills, you can place your container and candle refill in a freezer for an hour. Refills must be pushed all the way to the bottom of the container to burn properly.




Hand-Poured Soy Candles
See and smell the difference when you light our hand-poured soy candles. Our candles are made from high-quality soy wax. They are available in glass, ceramic crocks, Classy Candle Tins or enamelware kettles, called Kettle Kandles. Or try our easy-to-use Candles My Way kits to make attractive soy candles at home in your own container.

Kettle Kandles Kettle Kandles

Kettle Kandles make great gifts because the enamelware kettle can be refilled with any of our candle refills, or can be used for other purposes. The kettles wash out with soap and water after you burn the candle. They are also dishwasher and oven safe.

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Refills Refills
It is inexpensive and easy to enjoy your Kettle Kandles and Crocks for many years because we offer refills in many scents. The candles burn 50 to 60 hours, depending on room conditions.
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Candles My Way Candles My Way
Make attractive soy candles at home in your favorite container. It’s easy! Our candle-making kits were featured on QVC’s Decade of Discoveries Tour as one of the top 100 new products in America.
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