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Soy Candles / Kettle Kandles ( 19 )
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It is inexpensive and easy to enjoy your Kettle Kandles for many years because we offer refills in many scents. The candle refills burn 50 to 60 hours, depending on room conditions (such as air movement) and the length of each burn (an 8-hour burn uses more wax than two 4-hour burns).

We started manufacturing our soy candles in 2000, and are excited about this great use for the versatile soybean! The main advantage of soy wax over traditional paraffin wax is that it burns without soot. Those of you who burn candles often may have already repainted your ceilings or replaced your curtains because of that ugly black soot. Make the switch to soy today!

Kettle Kandles -- Angels
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- Apples
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- Cows
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- Horse
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- Ivy
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- Pansy
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- White
price: $20.00

Kettle Kandles -- Wolves
price: $20.00

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