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Lee Seed Company
2242 Hwy. 182
Inwood, IA 51240

Scott Lee phone:  712-539-8012 (call or text)

Scott Lee email: (this email is on a secure server so you can feel free to send payment info)


Kettle Kandle = $20 (kettle +lid + candle)

* select kettle design (or plain white) and select candle scent (candle will be in a kit)

Candles My Way Kits = $10 (very easy to make a candle in any container; watch the video on our website)

Shipping = $10 flat fee for any size order. Minimum order is 6 candles (refills and kits combined) because we pay a large portion of the actual shipping cost.


We accept all credit and debit cards.  We will need the card number, expiration date and security code.  You can email that information with your order (on a secure server) – or leave a voice message or text to Scott Lee’s private mobile phone, 712-539-8012.  Scott Lee handles all payment processing so we assure you that your private info will be safe.  Iowa residents will be charged 7% sales tax.

Your payment info is retained in the credit processing system if you would like to use the same card on your next order.  You can also send a personal check with your order to our address above.


We are a much smaller company than ten years ago.  We no longer produce soynuts or popcorn pots. We keep our prices low by trying to be as efficient as possible.  However, we promise we will NEVER cut costs by reducing the high-quality ingredients in our candles!


As most of you know, UPS rates increase often. We have set our $10 flat rate shipping to reward customers for placing larger, less frequent orders. Our candles have a shelf life of several years so you can feel free to stock up. Our minimum order is 6 candles because we pay a large portion of the actual UPS shipping fees.


Do not burn candles unattended.  Please follow all safety precautions that you would follow with any candle.  Our soy wax burns to liquid, so our candles must be burned in a container.

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