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Lee Seed Company
2242 Hwy. 182
Inwood, IA 51240

Scott Lee phone:  712-539-8012 (call or text)

Scott Lee email: (this email is on a secure server so you can feel free to send payment info)

Office phone:  800-736-6530 (this line is rarely answered because the office is not staffed very often, but you can leave a voice mail)


Kettle Kandle = $20 (kettle +lid + candle)

* select kettle design (or plain white) and select candle scent

Candle Refills = $9

* previously we made more scents, but we have settled on our best sellers over the last 20 years

* scents available: 

  • Almond Torte
  • Jack Frost
  • Autumn Spice
  • Soft Linen
  • Caffe Brulee
  • Udderly Vanilla
  • Country Cobbler
  • Walk in the Woods
  • Cucumber Melon
  • Woodland Berries

Candles My Way Kits = $9
* make a candle in any container; scents available are same as list above (except Almond Torte)

Shipping = $9
for first item and $1 for each additional item (each group of 3 candle refills is one “item”).


We accept all credit and debit cards.  We will need the card number, expiration date and security code.  You can email that information with your order (on a secure server) – or leave a message on the private office answering line, 800-736-6530 – or leave a voice message or text to Scott Lee’s private mobile phone, 712-539-8012.  Scott Lee handles all payment processing so we assure you that your private info will be safe.  Iowa residents will be charged 7% sales tax.

Your payment info is retained in the credit processing system if you would like to use the same card on your next order.  We do not process credit card on our website any longer as a cost-saving measure.  You can also send a personal check with your order to our address above.


We are a much smaller company than ten years ago.  We no longer produce soynuts or popcorn pots.  Our candle refills have been just $9 apiece for many years and we are doing all we can to maintain that price.  We keep our prices low by trying to be as efficient as possible  – that is the reason we do not have automatic credit processing on our website, we re-use shipping boxes, we don’t print a color brochure, etc.  However, we promise we will NEVER cut costs by reducing the high-quality ingredients in our candles!


As most of you know, UPS rates have increased at a high rate over the past 20 years.  Also, there is not much cost difference between a 5 and 10 lb. package.  Because of that, we have set our shipping structure to reward customers for placing larger, less frequent orders.  Our candles have a shelf life of several years so you can feel free to stock up. Our minimum order is 4 candles because we pay a large portion of the actual UPS shipping fees.  We usually have a UPS pickup once or twice a week.  Please be very specific when providing your shipping address to us because UPS will charge a $17 address correction fee for problems.


In October 2020, we were given very little notice that the shopping cart system we have used on our website for 10+ years was being decommissioned.  For now, we have implemented a site with photos and lists of our products – and you can place your order by sending an email with details.  We are exploring new shopping carts and may use one in the future. We occasionally offer specials for large orders – we will notify you about these offers by email.


Do not burn candles unattended.  Please follow all safety precautions that you would follow with any candle.  Our soy wax burns to liquid, so our candles must be burned in a container.

In 2020, several customers have reported that the refills will not fit into their kettles easily.  It seems that this new “crop” of soy wax is more sensitive to humidity than usual and the refills may expand.  We experienced this issue in 2011 also.  Below are some tips that should resolve your problems:

  • The good news is that soy wax is very simple to handle.  Often you can place your kettle and candle in a freezer for a few hours and the refill will “shrink” and push into the kettle easily.  Below are some other suggestions if the freezer doesn’t succeed in removing the humidity.
  • You can place the top flat face of the candle on a plate or cutting board and trim off the edges slightly with a metal spatula.  Just keep the wax you trim off and put it on the top of your candle and it will melt back in.  If you tried the freezer method first and it didn’t work for you, you probably want to let the candle warm back up to room temp before attempting this so the candle isn’t frozen and breakable.
  • You can melt the candle completely to liquid in a container using low heat – and then pour it into your kettle and reset the wicks (use toothpicks to move the wicks, and they have a stand so they will stay upright).  This is the same concept as our Candles My Way kits.
  • One customer reported good luck with submerging a kettle partially in hot water – when the kettle warmed up, the refill melted slightly on the sides and she was able to push it to the bottom
  • The candle refills must be inserted all the way to the bottom of your kettle.  If a pocket of air remains underneath the candle, the wicks will “seek” that air and burn through the middle of the candle without melting the wax.
  • We sincerely apologize for the problems you may have encountered!  If your candles have caused some extra effort for you, please email us and we will make sure we compensate you with a complimentary refill on your next order.  We are fortunate that soy wax is easy to melt and shape, and simple to clean up.
Information Sheet
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