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Privacy Policy

Q: What’s your philosophy on protecting my right to privacy, as your customer?
A: We value you, and as such, we respect your privacy! Our website is secure, so you can have confidence in knowing that your transactions and personal information will be protected.

Q: Why do you want my email address?
A: The receipt for your online purchase will be sent to the email address you give us, as will any other necessary order-related correspondence. We also have a product newsletter that is sent to our customers occasionally to inform them of new products that are added to our catalog. You can choose not to receive the newsletter on the next page, if you wish.

Q: Will you sell my email address to another company or spam me?
A: No. We respect the rights of our customers and the privacy of their confidential information. We will not sell or give away any of your information, including your email address, to any other company.

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